European Day of Foundations and Donors 2018

8 good reasons why you should participate:

  • Your foundation and its projects will attract attention
  • Your foundation will contribute to a strong civil society in Europe
  • You take advantage of networking opportunities
  • You show how important your foundation’s work is for civil society
  • You raise awareness for societal challenges and show that your foundation is part of the solution
  • You become part of a transeuropean network
  • You can find new donors and supporters
  • Without you it’s only half the fun

The idea

At the European Day of Foundations and Donors (EDFD) the focus is on you! You can show how diverse the foundation sector is, why foundations are created and what the good and keen intentions of philanthropists are. The 1st of October 2018 is your day, a day where everyone in Europe can see your commitment and achievements! Take advantage of it and show everyone what your foundation does, what it achieves and how it works. Initiate your own projects and participate online across Europe.

We support you

The Association of German Foundations is the hub for all the good ideas and burning questions regarding EDFD 2018. We support you with ideas, tips and powerful communication channels in social media and the press.

What you can do

Participating in the European Day of Foundations and Donors is simple and for free. Every foundation can participate. There are three things you can do:

  1. Tell your story: On the website of the EDFD we give you the opportunity to tell your story. Share with us what your foundations does, what motivates your work and where you want to go. We attract attention to your story and show the world how diverse the foundation sector really is. You can find a questionnaire on the website with more information.
  2. Open your house: Give people the opportunity to see your work, to take a look behind the scene and show what you have got, whether through a street festival, a relaxing walk together, an art exhibition or an open day. This does not only stir up curiosity for your foundation’s work but also attracts potential investors and donors.
  3. Your ideas matter: Do you have further ideas of what foundations can do to make the European Day of Foundations and Donors a great success? Let us know and make the EDFD 2018 your day!

Registration (in german): www.tag-der-stiftungen.de/mitmachen


The European Day of Foundations and Donors (EDFD) is the only Europe-wide action day for all foundations. The EDFD attracts Europe-wide attention to the work foundations do. It was initiated in 2013 by the Donors and Foundations Network Europe (DAFNE), which is chaired by Felix Oldenburg, the Director General of the Association of German Foundations.

Only a small part of European societies knows what foundations have been contributing for hundreds of years to their lives. Together with you we want to change this! We want to support you showing what your foundation does.

European Donors and Foundations Network Europe – DAFNE:  www.dafne-online.eu